Artists Have Been Selected for 2019 Juried Art Show

Ganondagan is pleased to announce over 100 pieces of artwork were submitted for the 2019, juried Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show. 45 pieces in 5 categories have been selected to be exhibited at the Indigenous Music & Arts Festival – July 27th & 28th, 2019. Judging will take place the week of the festival. Winners will be announced, July 26th, 2019. 

Five divisions of: Beadwork, Basketry, Traditional Arts, Fine Art 2D, and Fine Art Sculpture to enter up to three pieces of new work for consideration in the show. (First Place - $1,250; Second Place - $750; Third Place - $400; Best in Show - $2,500). 

Artists to deliver artwork by Friday, July 19th, 2019 for installation and judging. Awards will be presented at the opening reception on Friday, July 26th,2019; we encourage participating artists to attend the opening reception.

Please review the rules and application carefully


For questions regarding the application or rules please contact or by phone at (585)398-6156




"As a connoisseur, the Hodinöhsö:ni′ Art Show at Ganondagan is an opportunity to view beautifully created unique works of Art. As an artist, the show presents the perfect space to network with potential clients and collections managers, both are opportunities that shouldn’t be missed." 

-Samantha Jacobs (Seneca)

"Hope to see all the talented Haudenosaunee artists at this year's Ganondagan art show.  It's only a few hours away, many new categories and great prize money."

-Ronni Leigh Goeman (Onondaga)

“Ganondagan is presenting the third annual Juried Art Show in July. We encourage all Haudenosaunee artists to submit the finest examples of their work. Our prize money is exceptional and remember all art must be for sale. This is a great opportunity!”

-Pete Jemison (Seneca), Site Manager

2018 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show


Photos taken by: Tsioianiio Galban 

2018 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show Results

Best in Show: Peter B. Jones (Onondaga- Beaver Clan), Waterbearer

1st Place Basketry: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), Creation Story

2nd Place Basketry: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), The Promise/Wedding Basket

3rd Place Basketry: Carrie Hill (Mohawk) & Tobi Mitchell, Bling

Honorable Mention Basketry: Carrie Hill (Mohawk), Mini Corn

1st Place Beadwork: Samantha Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Have You Seen This Ladybug?

2nd Place Beadwork: Mary Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Birds of a Feather

3rd Place Beadwork: Mary Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Baby Bonnet with Ears

1st Place Traditional Arts: Samantha Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Foxy Lady

2nd Place Traditional Arts: Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Seed Keepers

3rd Place Traditional Arts: Penelope Minner (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Cornhusk Mat

Honorable Mention Traditional Arts: Luis Lee (Seneca- Beaver Clan), Seneca Gustoweh

1st Place Fine Arts: Mike Jones (Onondaga/Seneca descent), Warrior

2nd Place Fine Arts: Scott Hill (Oneida Nation, WI- Bear Clan), Three Sisters

3rd Place Fine Arts: Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Rising Out of the Ashes

Honorable Mention Fine Arts: Laticia McNaughton (Mohawk-Wolf Clan), Sunflower Sunrise

Our 2018 show had $20,200 in artwork sold and featured $8,800 in prizes

2017 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show


Photos taken by: Tsioianiio Galban

2017 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show Results

Best in Show: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), Thunderbeings
1st Place Basketry: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), Creation Story
2nd Place Basketry: Carrie Hill (Mohawk), 3 Sisters
3rd Place Basketry: Robin Lazore (Mohawk- Snipe Clan), Three Sisters
1st Place Beadwork: Mary Clause (Mohawk- Bear Clan), Trilliums Good Minds- bought by Ganondagan
2nd Place Beadwork: Niio Perkins (Mohawk- Bear Clan), Gay Garden
3rd Place Beadwork: Samantha Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Red, Blue, & Scalloped
Honorable Mention Beadwork: Dakota Brant (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Heart Medicine
1st Place Traditional Arts: Peter B. Jones (Onondaga- Beaver Clan), Traditional Pot
2nd Place Traditional Arts: Penelope Minner (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Flour Sifter
3rd Place Traditional Arts: Penelope Minner (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Market Basket
1st Place Fine Arts: Natasha Smoke (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Youth & Elder
2nd Place Fine Arts: Peter B. Jones (Onondaga- Beaver Clan), Water Bearer
3rd Place Fine Arts: Brandon Lazore (Onondaga & Mohawk- Snipe Clan), Smoke Dancers
Honorable Mention Fine Arts: Natasha Smoke (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Snowsnake

Our 2017 show had $6,700 in artwork sold and featured $4,400 in prizes



This show was made possible by the generous support of Thaw Charitable Trust.