Yohso:s Six Haudenosaunee Painters. Images of six paintings included in the exhibit

Opens December 2nd, 2023

Yöhso:s is an exhibition of Six Contemporary Haudenosaunee Painters. We have chosen painting over other mediums to connect the present to the ancient relationship that Haudenosaunee people have had with painting and to glimpse the future of the medium.

Yöhso:s is an opportunity to challenge what we consider “Haudenosaunee Art” and to highlight six exceptionally creative artists. These six painters represent only some of the incredible art being produced throughout Haudenosaunee territory. The Seneca Art & Culture Center is proud to carry on our message of Haudenosaunee presence and art.


  • Luanne Redeye
  • Natasha Smoke Santiago
  • Yvette White
  • Kitt Thomas
  • Lauren “Goody” Jimerson
  • Tsioianiio Galban