2020 Haudenosaunee Art Show, images depict 2019 artist submissions

2018 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show


Photos taken by: Tsioianiio Galban 

2018 Hodinöhsö:ni’ Art Show Results

Best in Show: Peter B. Jones (Onondaga- Beaver Clan), Waterbearer

1st Place Basketry: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), Creation Story

2nd Place Basketry: Ronni-Leigh (Onondaga- Eel Clan) & Stonehorse Goeman (Seneca- Hawk Clan), The Promise/Wedding Basket

3rd Place Basketry: Carrie Hill (Mohawk) & Tobi Mitchell, Bling

Honorable Mention Basketry: Carrie Hill (Mohawk), Mini Corn

1st Place Beadwork: Samantha Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Have You Seen This Ladybug?

2nd Place Beadwork: Mary Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Birds of a Feather

3rd Place Beadwork: Mary Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Baby Bonnet with Ears

1st Place Traditional Arts: Samantha Jacobs (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Foxy Lady

2nd Place Traditional Arts: Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Seed Keepers

3rd Place Traditional Arts: Penelope Minner (Seneca- Turtle Clan), Cornhusk Mat

Honorable Mention Traditional Arts: Luis Lee (Seneca- Beaver Clan), Seneca Gustoweh

1st Place Fine Arts: Mike Jones (Onondaga/Seneca descent), Warrior

2nd Place Fine Arts: Scott Hill (Oneida Nation, WI- Bear Clan), Three Sisters

3rd Place Fine Arts: Natasha Smoke Santiago (Mohawk- Turtle Clan), Rising Out of the Ashes

Honorable Mention Fine Arts: Laticia McNaughton (Mohawk-Wolf Clan), Sunflower Sunrise

Our 2018 show had $20,200 in artwork sold and featured $8,800 in prizes


This show was made possible by the generous support of Thaw Charitable Trust.